Lent – Faith

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This is not the photo that I planned on taking today.  I had something completely different in mind.  But sometimes life has a way of throwing curveballs at you.

You will often hear people divide the world into two categories (yet again):  “People of Faith” and “the Faithless.”

I cry BS

We live by faith. Faith is necessary or we could never function at any level.  We have faith that each morning the sun will come up—with lots of empirical data to back it.  We have faith that each time we step on the brakes in our car that it will slow and stop—despite evidence that this is not always true (this is the photo I was planning on taking).    Some of us place our faith in God.  Some of us place our faith in our fellow man.  Some of us place our faith in government.  Some, not so much.  Some of us place our faith in science.  Some of us doubt the competence of its practitioners.   But never the less, we cannot live without faith.

Sometimes our faith in ourselves or in our friends or colleagues or family is shaken.   It is at times like these that we must have faith enough to share with those in need.   


What do you think?