Lent – Test

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Test is a funny word.   Nobody really enjoys being put to the test.  Very few people enjoy taking tests.


As a code developer, I have a love/hate relationship with testers.   On one hand, you put all of this effort into a crown jewel masterpiece of software, only to have some guy who can barely write a “hello world” program find all sorts of flaws with it.  On the other hand,  testers are essential.  They provide a fresh perspective.  They look at your work in a way you never imagined.  They keep you honest and safe.  (I just completed a job that had no testers, the bug list after deployment was a real eye-opener).

There is a bigger lesson here.  If we live our lives without putting our basic assumptions and beliefs to the test, we can never be sure how they will stand up in the long run.    And maybe, it might just show us when it is necessary to hit the reset button.

What do you think?