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Advent 9 – Prepare

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What a perfect daily word for me on a Monday. The scout moto is “Be Prepared.”  So, I obviously took a photo of our scouts preparing for our weekly meeting as the SPL (senior patrol leader) reads the weekly announcements.  In a minute, I will give instructions preparing them for this weekend’s “camping” trip.  Scouting helps prepare scouts to be… Read more »

Advent 7 – Remember

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Today’s photo may be a head scratcher as to how it ties to the word for the day… The discussions around the table all had some connection to the theme of memory/remembering. At one end of the spectrum of topics was a tutorial on setting up a password keychain on your iPhone.  At the other end nostalgia for a different… Read more »

Advent 5 – Awesome

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I have been struggling with how to capture today’s word.  And then I started asking myself why this was such a hard thing to capture. We live in a time and place in history where we are surrounded by amazing things.  The rate of growth of technology is mind-blowing.  What we take for granted, our parents (much less our grandparents)… Read more »

Advent 2 – Presence

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Yep… in case you’re wondering that’s the moon. Throughout human civilization, the moon has played an important part of our lives.  I suspect, however, that most people in the modern era don’t give the moon much thought.  But I love the moon (even though I often take it for granted).  I love watching it go through its phases.  I love… Read more »