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A Parable…

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There once was a family of children who lived well in community. Though children, their ages varied greatly. Though family, their backgrounds were diverse. And while they lived well together, it is not to say that life was always smooth sailing. Life was a shared adventure in work, learning, worship, play, and service. Bumps along the journey were handled and… Read more »

Commitment, Engagement, Investment

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This pair of photos represents what can happen when there is long-term commitment and engagement in________ (you fill in the blank).  When truly involved in something long-term, an investment in made.  We seem to understand this when it comes to buying a house, getting involved in the markets, and yes for some…getting married.  But this understanding doesn’t seem to carry… Read more »

TEY @ Gettysburg

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A whole week of deep discussions and of lots of play time, of time to breath and making new friends. In the midst of what is turning out to be a very long and fairly tiring summer, this one week in Gettysburg was just what I needed. Along with 17 other pretty cool Lutheran teenagers and some amazing adults, I… Read more »