Day 3 – Ready

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I am not yet ready to even begin thinking about Christmas this year.

The lights are not yet up (typically do this Thanksgiving weekend).

There are absolutely no decorations around the house.

I haven’t even begun thinking about gifts.

The thing is, I want to get going… I just cannot seem to find the time.

This evening, however, was the first midweek Advent service at Christ the Servant.

It was a wonderful, intimate service.

It was also a reminder that ready or not, Christmas is coming—and it’s coming fast.

The candles will all be lit before we even blink.

And for me, the reminder for me this evening is that we live our lives not on our schedules, but on God’s schedule.  Christ continually comes into our lives when we are least prepared or expecting him.  We need to be ever vigilant so that we don’t miss Him when he is there, right in front of our eyes.

What do you think?