What is Your “It”?

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Why would I be stepping into it, I was asked?MLK-Quote

I don’t know.  First, do I want to step into it?  I don’t know.

Is it important?  If having nothing is fine, then there’s no need to step into it.  Is it better to have something than to have nothing?

If there is nothing, will anyone notice?  Will it be missed?  By whom?  And if having nothing is okay, what does that mean for the past?  That it was a waste of time and energy?  It really didn’t make a difference in anything?

And that’s where the answer starts.  Did it make a difference in anything?  Yes, it did.  For some it made a huge immediate difference.  For others it made a difference later.  And for yet some others, they may think it didn’t make a difference…but it did, on some level it had too.

I’ve seen what it has done for some…and it is good.  I’m hoping it has done good on some level for all.  If there is nothing, what will the others have?

So then, nothing is not okay.  It at least has to be something.

But stepping into it is scary, overwhelming, daunting.  It will likely be frustrating, tiring, maddening.  It could also be enriching, strengthening, humbling.

And it starts with something.  Not all or nothing, but something.  It doesn’t have to go like the hare.  It just needs to start, like the tortoise.

So…why would I step into it?  Because it is important.  Because it is good.  Because it at least has to be something.  And I can start with something.

What do you think?