Day3 – Focus

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day3-focusThe notion of focus has recently taken on a new meaning for me.  Anyone who wears glasses or contacts understands what it is like to see the world without it.  We understand the importance of periodically fine-tuning our corrective lenses to see the world in its sharpest form.

Not too long ago, however, I noticed that I had a minor double vision in my right eye.  Initially, I chalked this up to a defect in my contact.  But when I noticed that it was still there when reading without contacts (or glasses), I began to worry a tad.  It took the optometrist some time to find the problem—I am developing a minor needle of a cataract.  As the light bends around this, it throws two images onto my retina.

We then spent the next few weeks tweaking and re-tweaking my prescription.  No matter how much he increased the corrective effect, the worse the double vision became.  I finally realized (and the doctor concurred) that this made perfect sense.  We were increasingly sharpening each of the two images.  The correction was to weaken the prescription.

I now live in a world where I must give up a bit of focus to be able to see things, not clearer, but better.  I find that I am actively shifting which eye I use for various tasks.  It is a weird time.

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