Lent – Light

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No, today’s theme is not “Lent Light,” some rebranding that offers an easier or less filling form of Lent.  But seriously, I had two ways that I could have gone with this.  The opposite of heavy or the opposite of dark.  I opted for the latter.

Today’s photo is of sunRISE, not sunset.  I took it while Paul was driving himself, Valerie, and me to visit Arcadia University outside Philadelphia.  We left before the sun was up.  We left when it was still plenty dark outside.  We saw the first glimmer of light while driving on the ICC (MD-200).  The sun itself did not rise until we were well on our way north on I-95.   As it rose, the darkness slowly yielded to light.  Our visible horizon grew.  We transitioned from being tired zombies to awake creatures ready to face the day.  All because we moved from dark to light.

The purpose of our trip was to discover what Arcadia University was like.  Paul had applied and was accepted with a fairly generous scholarship and automatic admittance to the honors program.  But, we had never seen the school.   All we knew was that they have a criminal justice program and that it was a rather small school (quite the opposite of yesterday’s visit to UMD) and that it had a really cool castle (once a private residence) as one of the freshmen dorms.  As we moved from session to session our ignorance slowly yielded to insight.  Our grasp of the personality, strengths, and weaknesses of the school grew.  We (but mostly Paul) transition from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the better education opportunity (for Paul) to having a fairly confident decision about which was the better fit*.  All because we shone the light of exploration and discovery  into the darkness of uncertainty.

*You will need to ask Paul if you want to find out what his choice was or why he made it.  But, I will say that all three of us strongly felt that he is making the right choice for him.

What do you think?