Lent – Endurance

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To endure is to stand the test of time, adversity, or both.

Endurance requires strength… But what is strength?

In today’s photo, I captured (or at least attempted to capture) two very different forms of strength and endurance.

  • Rocks are hard.  While nature and erosion will eventually break them down, on a human timescale, they are steady and unchanging.  The same rock that we climbed on as a child will look pretty much the same in our elderly years.  Rocks clearly endure.
  • Flowers are fragile.  Most will not withstand even a single season.  During the course of a human lifetime, we will see literally thousands (if not millions) of flowers come and go.  Yet despite the fragility of a single plant, the annual cycle goes on and the species endures.


What do you think?