Head Vs. Heart

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Has there ever been a point in life where you have a had a big decision that could affect the rest of your life? Has it felt like your heart tells you one way, but your head tells you the other? What do you do? Do you follow your heart and do what you truly love to do no matter the risks, or do you follow your head and do what you know will be safer? What if the other option, the one the head tells you to do, is another passion of yours? One that the heart also loves? This is where I am in terms of my dancing. I love my dance and my heart tells me to go for it and make it my goal for my career, but my head tells me otherwise. Ballet isn’t the safest career choice, and I do love to read and write, which would have to take a backseat to my dancing. I have thought about this a lot and I think that following your heart is the most important thing. If you found something that you are so passionate about, you have to follow it. You will have time to follow your head another time, but it is a small window when the opportunity to follow your passion is open and the longer you wait the more it closes. There is a big problem though. Beating your head in saying that this time it is the heart’s time to lead and that you are going to follow it. This is the step that I am having a lot of trouble with, finding the strength and courage to beat my head; following your own advice is a lot harder than you think by the way. I am working on finding the strength though and I urge you the reader to do the same, no matter your age.

What do you think?