A single flame, a single thread…

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When one feels so small and little, when it seems one isn’t enough for any impact, when a single flame seems to only be able to cast light out a few inches (look up foot candle), and when a single thread seems to be able to hold so little and offer little strength…

Multiply that single flame and single thread by 950.

Put those 950 flames together…the energy, the light, the warmth, the intensity! How bright the light! Put a cold wick close in and watch it catch!

Now take the 950 threads and start tangling them up…intertwining them, knotting them together, weaving them together…the strength, the support! Have you ever had to deal with a massive knot of yarn, string, or thread? Have you taken a close up look at woven fabric?

Hundreds of woven threads make for great strength, great support. Hundreds of candles cast light far and wide, offering warmth and visibility.

Community is nothing less than having others light our way beyond where we can see and offering warmth and sight down the road. Community is nothing less than the threads of our lives entangled into a beautiful, messy, and strong creation.



Looking forward to adding another flame to the space and another thread to the beautiful tangle.       








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