Lord Baden-Powell on Duty

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144. A Scout/Guide must not take any reward for being helpful or courteous.

145. Scouting is not only fun, but it also requires a lot from you.

146. Do your duty first and you will et your rights afterwards.

147. Duty done dolefully is duty half done; done cheerily, its value is doubled.

148. No good Scout is a shirker.  It is far more often that he tries to do more than his share of work for the others.

149. Do your duty, though it may not be pleasant, or it may be unnoticed by other people.

150. A Guide is to do her duty before anything else, even thought she gives up her own pleasure, or comfort, or safety to do it.

151. When in difficulty to know which of two things to do, a Guide must ask herself; “Which is my duty?”, that is;  “Which is best for other people?” and do that one.

152. A Scout does his work because it is his duty, not for any reward.

153. A true Scout is looked up to by other boys and by grown-ups as a fellow who can be trusted, a fellow who will not fail to do his duty however risky and dangerous it may be, a fellow who is jolly and cheery no matter how great the difficulty before him.

154. Be loyal to your friend, but at the same time never be disloyal to your duty.  This may often put you in a dilemma; but the way to settle it is to put your duty first, and to do that.

155. Efficiency is all very well, but inside there must be something more, there must be courage and pluck and the determination to do your duty no matter what risk or danger it means to yourself.


Baden-Powell of Gilwell, Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell – Mario Sica – Nuova Fiordaliso – 2002

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