Lent – Adore

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I’m sorry… so sorry.

Despite my best efforts, and only one quarter of the way into this exercise, I have fallen victim to temptation.

I have punned.  Through my fault I have punned.  Through my most grievous fault, I have punned.

Now for my penance, I must try to atone by turning “a door” into “adore.”  I will do so by listing a few ties between these two words:

  • Doors are the passageways to our homes.  Eyes are the passageways to our minds/souls.  You can see it in one’s eyes when they gaze on an object of their adoration.
  • Doors are often the architectural detail that turns a house into an adorable home.
  • The picture above just happens to be the entrance to the home of a family I cannot help but adore.

Save me in the time of trial.

What do you think?