Upon the Flower

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Poetry flowerAs a class we went to Harpers Ferry and our only assignment for the day was to take tons of photos, a variety of styles, and take sensory notes to create a poem. We then had to pick one of the photos and recreate it by using a mix of teared and cut paper. To go with the collage, we had to write a 25-30 line poem and put all 3 (photo, collage, and poem) on a tri-fold board.

Here is the poem…

Time to come out now

Flowers are blooming today

Must try to find food

 Discovering someplace new

Someplace no one else will go

 Brave and daring now

Young, but willing to take risks

High above the ground

 A better place to see clear

A place that will clear the mind

A chance of freedom

But protected by the chain

That keeps danger out

Keeping the world together

The brave and the adventurous

Upon the flower

The ant is above others

Who stay on the ground

 Wind blows and threatens falling

Though, remains on the flower

 Not willing to go

Knows that it is not yet time

Not today, but soon

Waiting for someone else to

Take their place on the flower


What do you think?