Day 4 – Martyr

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One of the things I find fascinating about the photo-a-day challenges during Advent and Lent is that I am never quite sure where the trip will take me.   Today was one of those days.

This morning, I had absolutely no idea how to photograph the word martyr.

So like any tech savvy geek, I went to my phone and Googled, “martyr gaithersburg md.”  What came back was a list of churches and schools in the area that had the name “{Somebody} of {Somewhere}, Martyr of {Something}.”  Great!  I’ll just go to one of the churches/schools, find a good photo subject, and be done with this tricky word…. Not so great!  The nearest one was 17 miles away and required driving on the Beltway on a rainy day.  Estimated time (each way): 38 minutes.

But, at least I had a tow-hold.  I changed my Google search to “martyr november 30.”  BINGO!  Today is the commemoration of St. Andrew.  One of the traditions surrounding this saint was that he was martyred on an “x” shaped cross—he felt unworthy to die in the same way as Christ and was thus given the “privilege” of a modified crucifixion.

What began as a hunt for a photo, turned into a research project.  Go figure.

What do you think?