Day 1 – Prepare

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In preparing to decorate our house for Christmas, I needed to first take down all the stuff we put up for the Haloween/harvest season.  This included removing the corn stalks we had tied to the columns on our porch.  Never wanting to waste anything that has any value, I removed the corn cobs from the stalk so that I could harvest corn to feed the squirrels this winter (it gives them an alternative to raiding the bird feeder).  There were, however, two elements of this exercise for which I was not prepared.

  • Although this is not the first year I have done this, I had forgotten how much corn we had hanging on the front of our house.
  • Although I began the day helping Valerie present the photo-a-day discipline at Adult Forum this morning, I hadn’t actually looked at my word list until this evening.  Imagine my surprise to realize that I had already posted a photo to Facebook that perfectly captured today’s word!  (I even included “prepare” in the status message that accompanied it.)

Sometimes we prepare ourselves for what life throws at us.  Other times, it seems like life might be preparing us…

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