Day 0 – Hope

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Ferguson · Climate change · Pandemic disease · Drought · Famine · Global population that exceeds global resources · 1%ers · Waning educational standard · Economic fragility ·  ·  ·   (the list is endless)

The future is full of scary boogiemen.

Advent asks us to take a radical position.  It dares us to hope.  It dares us to face our deep desire that God be manifest in our world.  It challenges us to make Christ alive in the world today.

But is this really such a hard thing to fathom?

Every time we save for the future, we show hope.

With every child we bring into the world, we live hope.

Every time we send them off to college, we pass on our hope to them.

The future may or may not meet our expectations, but with a little hope, it might just turn out ok.

What do you think?