Lent – Laetare

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Todays’ word had me stumped.  I had never heard the word “Laetare” before.  A quick Google search later, I had learned that this is the traditional name for the fourth Sunday in Lent.  The word itself translates roughly to mean rejoice!  It is the first Sunday after the halfway point in the Lenten journey.  It is a day set aside to recognize that the rigors of Lent are now more behind us than in front of us.  That the joy of Easter is just around the corner.

I must admit that as much as I am enjoying this photo-a-day challenge, I did mentally mark Thursday as being 50% complete and I did so with a slight sense of relief.   I totally get the idea behind celebrating this day.  It is a day to realize that we’re in the home stretch.  A day to re-energize for the ride into Holy Week and Easter.

On this day, the vestments change from the heaviness of purple to the cheerfulness of pink.  I have never seen this tradition in a Lutheran congregation—including at CTS.  But this is nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a little GIMP*.  I am so glad that I am now aware of this day of celebration tucked into the middle of Lent.

*GIMP is a freeware version of Photoshop.

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