Lent – Vice

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When I undertook the Advent Photo-A-Day discipline last year, I did so thinking it would be an exercise in artistic exploration.   What I was not expecting is how often I am the passenger on this adventure rather than the driver.

The quest to find “today’s word” is not about creating something.  It is being aware of the world around me to find and recognize the daily objective.  And when you are open in this way, you are often blindsided by what you discover.

This Lent Photo-A-Day discipline, so far, is playing out the same way.

Today’s particular challenge was not trying to find a vice that I could photograph.  Today’s challenge was narrowing it down to one.   It was not fun taking inventory of my flaws, but something that we probably should all do from time to time.   With any luck, maybe this time, I might find the strength (and desire) to actually knock one or two off the list.


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