Almost Home

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9780670012893BWhew, haven’t blogged in a bit. I’m going to attempt to start doing some book reviews type entries and it really is no secret that I love to read. A few weeks ago I realized that I was running low on books to read, I literally only had 1 book that I wanted to read. I decided to go to the school library, well okay I actually go there at least once a day to help but I thought that this time I could actually check out a book. Making my way over to the Black Eyed Susan books, these are books that are given the black Eyed Susan award/recognition, I decided to pick one of those. The table was looking a little empty, a bunch must have been checked out, but I was trying to remember what were middle and what were high school books. I thought that I had picked a high school book, but it ended up being middle school level. This resulted in a very easy read, and it seems that my mom is surprised that I had chosen such an easy book, but it was still a good book. Somewhat thought provoking and a sweet book that overall lifted up your spirits as you read.


Almost Home by Joan Bauer is a very touching novel about Sugar Mae Cole and her need to grow up quickly at a very young age. Sugar, who’s name is very fitting, tries to find the sweetness in every situation, even when the going gets tough. Her father, who says that he loves Sugar and her mother, is never constant and wastes necessary money on gambling and other nonsense. Shortly after entering 6th grade, where Sugar doesn’t have many friends, she finds a teacher that truly believes in her and her talent and care about her outside of the classroom. All too soon she has to leave her home in Missouri After being evicted. Reba, her mother, and she try to make a new start in Chicago. Once there, Reba has a mental breakdown causing Sugar to be transferred from a shelter to a foster family. During all of this Sugar keeps her head high to keep herself from drowning, learns how to trust some adults, and helps get her family (she and her mom) back onto their feet. Though a simple read with a somewhat unrealistic, cliché ending, Almost Home is a great pick me up read with a wonderful reminder that you should always be thankful for what you have because it could always be worse. If someone who has lost her house and at age 11 practically has to take on adult responsibilities can still keep her spirits high, Why can’t I?

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