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Friendships: Taming and Responsibility

I for one, was seriously anticipating the theatre release of the 2015 version of The Little Prince when in the week it was to debut, the movie was completely dropped from the lineup.  Then it was scooped up by a streaming or some other online service.  BUMMER.  I really wanted to see this version on a big screen.  In this… Read more »

What is Your “It”?

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Why would I be stepping into it, I was asked? I don’t know.  First, do I want to step into it?  I don’t know. Is it important?  If having nothing is fine, then there’s no need to step into it.  Is it better to have something than to have nothing? If there is nothing, will anyone notice?  Will it be… Read more »

Flour, Yeast, Water, and Salt

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As the chapter title of a new bread book I bought asks, “What is it about bread?”  The most basic of recipes is just 4 very humble ingredients. Flour.  Yeast.  Water.  Salt. The process could be fairly quick and simple, or as many as 12 distinct steps and hours from start to finish.  So what is it about bread?  Well,… Read more »