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My Faith Journey Part 2

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This year I decided I really wanted to go back to my confirmation retreats although I have been confirmed for about 2 years now. It was a great decision. The weekend was fun and a great change of pace. Although I enjoyed and looked forward to going on the retreats when in the program there was still some element of having to… Read more »

This I Believe…

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Here it is. My final confirmation homework assignment from my last confirmation retreat. Its been a long 3 years at times, but they have all been good and fruitful. In this assignment we had to create a single Belief statement after looking at the Apostle’s Creed. It was kind of challenging to narrow down to just one and even still… Read more »

Monday Musings: Getting the Horse to Drink

So you probably know of or have a horse that you can get to the water…either willingly or kicking and screaming.  But once there, the horse refuses to drink.  Maybe the horse isn’t thirsty yet…so time goes by…maybe it should be thirsty now, but still refuses to drink.  So more time goes by…the horse has to get thirsty at some point… Read more »