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We are human. We are all part of families. But more importantly we are Christians and we are all children of God. Recently we celebrated the Baptism of our Lord, and we are called to remember our own baptism and what it means for us today.  “Children of God, you have been sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked with… Read more »

Be Countercultural

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I originally started this post the day after Reformation. Then I came across a proposed modern day list of 95 Theses in a blog piece shared on Facebook. I thought, yup, this says it better than me. So I put this blog entry aside. But it keeps pulling me back…or maybe the Holy Spirit keeps pulling me back to it and… Read more »

The Spirit: she moves in mysterious ways.

For quite a while lately, church has failed to move me.  I have been going through the motions, hoping that something might eventually speak to me, to inspire me, to challenge me, to … something.  As I move to reclaim my life now that it no longer is a slave to a killer commute, I have made the decision to be more involved… Read more »

Strength of Faith

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Sermon given at CTS Lutheran Church 6/12/16 based on the Gospel reading Luke 7:36-8:3  [editor’s note:  this sermon was written and presented by Anna.] It’s no secret that women in the Bible are mistreated. Many are unnamed and thought of as property. They belong to either their father or their husband. Even today, we hear news stories about mistreated, abused,… Read more »

This I Believe…

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Here it is. My final confirmation homework assignment from my last confirmation retreat. Its been a long 3 years at times, but they have all been good and fruitful. In this assignment we had to create a single Belief statement after looking at the Apostle’s Creed. It was kind of challenging to narrow down to just one and even still… Read more »