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A Parable…

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There once was a family of children who lived well in community. Though children, their ages varied greatly. Though family, their backgrounds were diverse. And while they lived well together, it is not to say that life was always smooth sailing. Life was a shared adventure in work, learning, worship, play, and service. Bumps along the journey were handled and… Read more »

A Lost Trinity? – The Journey, The Test, The Celebration

It’s May.  So it’s spring.  Thus we’re nearing the end of the school year.  And this year, the end of the school year in this house promises to be more chaotic than most years.  With an 8th grader and a 12th grader, it’s going to double the extra chaos.  Plans are being worked out and finalized, calendar slots filled in,… Read more »

Monday Musings: Getting the Horse to Drink

So you probably know of or have a horse that you can get to the water…either willingly or kicking and screaming.  But once there, the horse refuses to drink.  Maybe the horse isn’t thirsty yet…so time goes by…maybe it should be thirsty now, but still refuses to drink.  So more time goes by…the horse has to get thirsty at some point… Read more »