mike portrait

So, who is this Mike guy?

I am many people:

I am a father • I am a husband • I am a son • I am a brother • I am an Eagle scout • I am a scouter • I am active in my church • I am an engineer • I am a programmer • I am an artist and a poet • I am a handyman • I am a mathematician • I am generally happy and enjoy life • I am a man in my 40s • I am a kid at heart • I am a student and spectator of humanity • I am a philosopher (kinda) • I am a musician • I am a swim official.

Whew… no wonder I live in a perpetual state of being tired.

I have many opinions:

I despise all absolutism and extremism • I worry about the state of education in this country • I worry about the state of politics in this country (and not just the politicians) • I worry about those who have dismissed religion as nothing more than naive superstition • I worry even more about those who turn off their minds when examining their own religious views • I wish we would all take a little more personal responsibility.

I have many likes:

My family • my friends • making stuff (see below) • camping • hiking • cycling • kayaking • the beach • campfires • a glowing fireplace • good food • people who do their share • people who don’t take themselves or life too seriously • my career (most days) • cats • books about how the mind works • books that explore the human spirit • life

I have a few dislikes:

Haters • bad drivers • lima beans • being sick • my commute • wasted time

Stuff I like to make:

Woodworking • carpentry • computer graphics • photography • music • code (applications/scripts/tools)

And… why is he writing this blog?

First and foremost, I’m writing this for me.  I have had many conversations with myself in my head.  I thought it might be interesting to actually write them down and go back later to see how my opinions change over time.   If I’m the only person who ever reads this, I’m ok with that.

That being said, I would love it if others find this site and share their thoughts on my opinions as well.  I’m not looking for a crowd of cheerleaders.  I honestly enjoy having discussions with people that have a different opinion.  (I will, however, not tolerate abusive comments directed at either me or others who make comments. These will be deleted immediately and you may be blocked from future comment.)

At this point, I’m not sure where the topics will go.  I expect that (as with this bio) this blog will be rather stream-of-conscience; inspired by things I see/hear in my life, the news media, and other blogs I follow.   I expect that there will be posts about religion, politics, education, and traffic.   Other than that, I’m looking forward to discovering where this experiment will go.

And… why should I care about Mike’s ramblings?

I don’t have a clue.

Perhaps you will enjoy the voyeuristic pleasure of peaking inside my mind.  Perhaps you will be encouraged to think about things differently.  Perhaps you will find that there is someone else out that that has the same “crazy” thoughts that you do.

Then again, perhaps I’m just talking to the wind.