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Why We Do Swim Team

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Another summer swim team season has just come to an end.  Here in Montgomery County Maryland, summer swim team season is a BIG thing.  The big summer league has 91 teams, plus there are smaller leagues and country club leagues.  Teams are from private HOA pools, county pools or open membership private pools.  Swimmers range in age from 4-18, though… Read more »

Math, the Finals and the Data

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Our school district, MCPS, is in the middle of a “scandal”.  I put scandal in quotes not because something illegal took place, nothing did…but because the administrators, teachers and parents are all fuming, in shock, not surprised, angry, shaking their heads, etc. over information that for years has been quietly filed away by the central office. Until a parent asked… Read more »

A Faith Journey with a Late Start

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I’m pretty sure I had a very late start on my faith journey compared to others of my generation.  I know I was baptized in the Catholic Church, I’m sure as an infant as I’ve been told it was important to my father.  That was pretty much the extent of church for me as a child.  I remember my maternal Grandmother sometimes… Read more »

A Father’s (not a Dad’s) Passing

Just over a month ago, as we were heading out to Good Friday services, one of us hit the play button on the answering machine to listen to the message that came in while we were having dinner.  I can’t remember what that message was even about as another unplayed message on the machine caught our attention. A woman’s voice… Read more »

Monday Musings: Appreciation

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Today our middle school PTSA hosted an appreciation event for the staff, something we’ve been doing once a quarter.  This time it was an afternoon tea to accompany an after school staff meeting.  Our events aren’t catered, they’re not fancy but there’s lots of homemade goodies.  This fall we hosted a taco bar for dinner on back to school night… Read more »

Monday Musings: 40 Photos

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Half way there.  I’m at day 20 today.  So via our church’s Pinterest board I found this Lenten photo a day challenge.  Except for Day 1, every day of Lent you are given a single word.  Sometimes it’s a verb, sometimes a noun.  Sometimes there’s an obvious image that comes to mind, sometimes I have to ponder the word almost… Read more »

Monday Musings: Getting the Horse to Drink

So you probably know of or have a horse that you can get to the water…either willingly or kicking and screaming.  But once there, the horse refuses to drink.  Maybe the horse isn’t thirsty yet…so time goes by…maybe it should be thirsty now, but still refuses to drink.  So more time goes by…the horse has to get thirsty at some point… Read more »