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Seen and Unseen

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There is plenty of material out there on the reliability of witnesses’ testimonies. Ask five people to recount the story of the same incident they all were present for and you will get 5 variations on what actually happened. That’s understandable for an unanticipated event that people weren’t necessarily prepared for or paying close attention to. But what about those things… Read more »

Be Countercultural

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I originally started this post the day after Reformation. Then I came across a proposed modern day list of 95 Theses in a blog piece shared on Facebook. I thought, yup, this says it better than me. So I put this blog entry aside. But it keeps pulling me back…or maybe the Holy Spirit keeps pulling me back to it and… Read more »

Friendships: Taming and Responsibility

I for one, was seriously anticipating the theatre release of the 2015 version of The Little Prince when in the week it was to debut, the movie was completely dropped from the lineup.  Then it was scooped up by a streaming or some other online service.  BUMMER.  I really wanted to see this version on a big screen.  In this… Read more »


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Back in early March I wrote about bread baking.  About how the most simple recipe calls for 4 very basic and humble ingredients.  Yet with care, proper handling, and patience, those basic ingredients turn into something wonderful…a pile of sticky goop turns into something golden…into love.  You can read the original post here. I’ve baked many loaves of bread since the… Read more »

What is Your “It”?

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Why would I be stepping into it, I was asked? I don’t know.  First, do I want to step into it?  I don’t know. Is it important?  If having nothing is fine, then there’s no need to step into it.  Is it better to have something than to have nothing? If there is nothing, will anyone notice?  Will it be… Read more »

Flour, Yeast, Water, and Salt

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As the chapter title of a new bread book I bought asks, “What is it about bread?”  The most basic of recipes is just 4 very humble ingredients. Flour.  Yeast.  Water.  Salt. The process could be fairly quick and simple, or as many as 12 distinct steps and hours from start to finish.  So what is it about bread?  Well,… Read more »

Commitment, Engagement, Investment

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This pair of photos represents what can happen when there is long-term commitment and engagement in________ (you fill in the blank).  When truly involved in something long-term, an investment in made.  We seem to understand this when it comes to buying a house, getting involved in the markets, and yes for some…getting married.  But this understanding doesn’t seem to carry… Read more »

A Lost Trinity? – The Journey, The Test, The Celebration

It’s May.  So it’s spring.  Thus we’re nearing the end of the school year.  And this year, the end of the school year in this house promises to be more chaotic than most years.  With an 8th grader and a 12th grader, it’s going to double the extra chaos.  Plans are being worked out and finalized, calendar slots filled in,… Read more »

Why We Do Swim Team

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Another summer swim team season has just come to an end.  Here in Montgomery County Maryland, summer swim team season is a BIG thing.  The big summer league has 91 teams, plus there are smaller leagues and country club leagues.  Teams are from private HOA pools, county pools or open membership private pools.  Swimmers range in age from 4-18, though… Read more »