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Lent – Wait

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Easter is so close.  Holy Week begins in just 5 days.  But, we must wait. I suspect that I am not the only person observing a Lenten discipline that is beginning to feel its weight.   As much I have enjoyed where the photography challenge has taken me, I will not mourn its completion.  Those who have given up something… Read more »

Lent – Family

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It has happened again.  I failed to get yesterday’s photo (family) on the day it was due. But there is a bit of meta-irony in why I did not have the head or heart for taking time to observe my daily discipline—a member of my family was being shafted and I was fuming. In her venting on Facebook, Valerie referred… Read more »

Lent – Worship

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Each Sunday, we transition from the sharing of the peace to the presentation of our offering with the words, “Let us worship God with our offerings.” Because we hear these same words every week,  I wonder if we sometimes fall into the habit of hearing them in the same we we hear, “…and the home of the brave” as equal to… Read more »

Lent – Light

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No, today’s theme is not “Lent Light,” some rebranding that offers an easier or less filling form of Lent.  But seriously, I had two ways that I could have gone with this.  The opposite of heavy or the opposite of dark.  I opted for the latter. Today’s photo is of sunRISE, not sunset.  I took it while Paul was driving… Read more »

Lent – Sacrifice

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Ok… I’ll admit that I let the day’s events drive the photo more than did the word of the day. That being said, this little guy actually works pretty well for discussing sacrifice. The earliest form of sacrifice that we knew within human society was the abandoning of that which we valued at the foot of an altar.  The hope… Read more »

Lent – Endurance

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To endure is to stand the test of time, adversity, or both. Endurance requires strength… But what is strength? In today’s photo, I captured (or at least attempted to capture) two very different forms of strength and endurance. Rocks are hard.  While nature and erosion will eventually break them down, on a human timescale, they are steady and unchanging.  The same… Read more »

Lent – Cross

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These last four days’ themes form a rather interesting trajectory. Three days ago, we were invited to take a breather and rejoice at having made it over half way through the rigors of Lent. Two days ago, we focused on the hope that comes with Easter at the end of this journey. Yesterday, we stepped back a little and looked… Read more »

Lent – Path

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  Finding the photo was easy. Ferreting out why I wanted to take it, not so much. There are many paths we travel in our lives. Some are exciting and new. Some we see routinely. Some are uncomfortable. Some are welcoming. My family and I built this particular path into our home.  It will always have a fond spot in… Read more »

Lent – Hope

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As Winter drags on, we look forward to the coming of Spring and a break from the snow, ice, and freezing rain.  It has been a roller coaster ride of expectation.  Each sunny day that reached into the 60s and melted the snow led us to believe that the seasons were finally changing.  But then, the temperature would drop, the… Read more »