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Communion Challah

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The following is a very subtle variation on a recipe found on  I began with the basic recipe, made some modifications suggested by a commenter with the name Feeding Frenzy, and added a couple of my own. Valerie is the current master bread baker in the house, but we have both been attempting to perfect it for over 25 years now…. Read more »

The Spirit: she moves in mysterious ways.

For quite a while lately, church has failed to move me.  I have been going through the motions, hoping that something might eventually speak to me, to inspire me, to challenge me, to … something.  As I move to reclaim my life now that it no longer is a slave to a killer commute, I have made the decision to be more involved… Read more »

Lord Baden-Powell on Friendliness

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199. Boys are usually loyal friends to each other, and thus friendliness comes almost naturally to a boy. It is the one duty that he understands. 200. A man who has no friends is the man who gives out no friendship. 201. Friendship is like a boomerang: you give out your friendship to another chap and then to more and more… Read more »

Lord Baden-Powell on Former Scouts and Guides

196. Lord Kitchener said to the Boy Scouts:  “There is one thought I would like to impress upon you all: once a Scout, always a Scout”.  By this he meant that when you are grown up you must still carry out what you learned as a Scout, and especially that you will go on being honourable and trustworthy. 197. Stick to… Read more »

Lord Baden-Powell on First Class Scouts/Guides

194. A boy does not really get the full value of Scout training until he is a First Class Scout. 195. A Guide who is content to sit down and be a Second Class Guide is only a third-class girl. Footsteps of the founder: the Baden-Powell quotations book Baden-Powell of Gilwell, Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell – Mario Sica – Nuova Fiordaliso… Read more »

Lord Baden-Powell on Fair Play, Fame, and First Aid

191. Play fair yourself and insist on fair play in others. 192. Notoriety is not the same thing as Fame. 193. First Aid is an important and difficult subject – difficult inasmuch as it requires great care and precision, exactitude, and common sense (all unnatural attributes of the ordinary boy!) Footsteps of the founder: the Baden-Powell quotations book Baden-Powell of Gilwell, Robert… Read more »

Lord Baden-Powell on Example

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183. Our training is largely by example. 184. What the Scoutmaster does his boys will do.  The Scoutmaster is reflected in his Scouts. 185. There is no teaching to compare with example. 186. There is no doubt whatever that in the boys’ eyes it is what a man does that counts and not so much what he says.  A Scoutmaster has, therefore,… Read more »

Lord Baden-Powell on Efficiency

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180. By “efficiency” I don’t mean more money-making skill, but a general intelligence and capability to live a free, prosperous and happy life. 181. Make yourself efficient so that you can depend on yourself; plan out your own way of making your career or of doing any job that comes to you. Don’t bother getting other people’s help – do it… Read more »