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Behind the Misfit

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English class this year has continued to be awesome and provide many creative opportunities. For this assignment, we were asked to take one of the short stories that we read in class and write what was essentially a prequel by creating one prior significant event in a character’s life that explained their characterization. My story came from Flannery O’ Conner’s A Good Man… Read more »

“where were you last night?”

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Oh my gosh! I had such a serious case of writers block with this prompt. (Thanks Mrs.J for sending it to me) I had no idea where to go with the story and figured out where it was going pretty much when the reader would, at each sentence. Though, I’m not really sure where the ending came from, please know… Read more »

Too Many Tears, part 3

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Nurse Themba doesn’t say a word, she doesn’t need to. Instead she gathers me in her strong, comforting arms. I let myself fall to the weakness and I become limp and crumpled in her arms as I soak both of us in a shower of salty tears. Seconds pass and slide into minutes. After what feels like an eternity I… Read more »