What You  Might Expect

I don’t really know how often I’ll update this blog, I don’t know what I’ll write about, and I am really not sure if anyone will read it. However, if you have stumbled across this page be prepared for a possibility of rambling. My guess with what will happen to this blog is that it will be very much a stream of conscience of some topic or issue or it will become a place to put all of my creative writing. Even though I’m only in the 7th grade (2012-2013), I like to ask why and I think of myself some what of a philosopher in training. It is also possible that there will be some blogs in terms of my faith, and they could just be in order for me to get all my thoughts down and untangle them from my brain. In terms of my creative writing it tends to be more on the darker side, especially for a younger teen, as opposed to the random, silly stories that most of my peers like to write.

A Little Bit About Me

I could easily be described as an introvert. My friend circle is small (unless books count), but those in it are amazing and make me feel great about myself. Having a large group of friends and being popular, someone who everyone looks up to, is not that important to me. When I am older as long as I am happy and there are some people who recognize my work I would consider that to be a good life. Some of my friends might describe me to be a bit of a goodie-two-shoes and somewhat girlie, but as much as I love to occasionally dress-up and put on make-up, I love to go outside and take a hike or spend a weekend camping. In terms of being a goodie-two-shoes, they are probably right, I don’t really know how to misbehave in the classroom. Some friends call me crazy, but I love school, the challenging long term projects, and my teachers. Though, I do know how to have fun.

What Do I Do For Fun?

For fun I love to dance, swim, read, and write. I have done ballet since I was four (I am now 13 and was born in 2000) in MD and I was put into pointe shoes when I was only 11. Then when I was 12, I was put into the advanced pointe class with my rather small studio. Swimming started when I was only five. Again, it isn’t very serious, but it leaves more room for fun. In the summer I swim with Montgomery County Swim League. Breaststroke (also sometimes known as the frog stroke) is my both my favorite and best stroke. Reading and writing has always been a favorite pastime for me. I would flip through picture books when I was younger and create my own stories that went with the illustrations. My first year in middle school my best friend and I started to help in the media center during lunch and before school. I love to read historical and realistic fiction, I am not a huge fantasy fan, though I do love Harry Potter. My favorite author has to be Jodi Picoult. If you have never read her books, I highly recommend you do because she is a fantastic author and her books always have a surprise ending.

So, as I figured I ended up rambling a bit, but I want to end this bio with telling you who I am as best I could with only words.

Who Am I?

I am Anna. I am a dancer. I am a swimmer. I am a dreamer. I am a believer. I am a young philosopher. I am a student. I am a dork. I am a friend. I am a best friend. I am a questioner. I am a listener. I am a reader. I am me. I am perfect the way I am. I am a thinker. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am determined. I am strong. I am positive. I am friendly. I am bright. I am willing.

I Am Prepared to…

handle whatever life gives me. live life to the fullest. grow in faith. meet new people. be who I am meant to be. find my purpose in life. trust in others. be myself. live a happy life. lead a successful life. learn. dig deeper. be challenged. dance till my feet ache. love. grow. laugh. hope. dream. explore. discover.push myself to new limits. put myself out there.

I hope that you did not get bored by reading this bio or get too confused if I rambled too much. If you have stumbled across my bio then I invite you to poke around and look at some of my blog entries (if I have any) if you are interested, if not then fine, thanks for reading my bio and making it this far though. I hope that if anyone does read this then you can grow with me, but if I am writing this only to myself then fine, it might be interesting to read in a few years come. Please feel free to leave comments and thoughts, but do not leave inappropriate or discouraging to anyone. It will not be tolerated.