Advent 5 – Awesome

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I have been struggling with how to capture today’s word.  And then I started asking myself why this was such a hard thing to capture.

We live in a time and place in history where we are surrounded by amazing things.  The rate of growth of technology is mind-blowing.  What we take for granted, our parents (much less our grandparents) could scarcely have imagined in their youth.  Certainly now is the greatest time in history to find something awesome.

And yet…

Our submersion in this age of daily miracles, we have become jaded.  We consider it an inconvenience if we have to wait 3 minutes to get an internet connection.  Do we really need to know  right now the name of Whatshisface in oh… what’s the name of that move?

We have become jaded.  We are becoming increasingly more difficult to awe.  Miracles are passé.

And through it all, we have completely forgotten the incredible miracle of life.  Despite all our efforts, all our research, all the resources we have thrown at it. The creation of life is outside our grasp.

And yet…

This tiny little spec that could easily be confused for an overgrown grain of sand, given the opportunity can transform into a tree and replicate itself.

THIS is awesome.


What do you think?