Advent 2 – Presence

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Yep… in case you’re wondering that’s the moon.

Throughout human civilization, the moon has played an important part of our lives.  I suspect, however, that most people in the modern era don’t give the moon much thought.  But I love the moon (even though I often take it for granted).  I love watching it go through its phases.  I love how a full moon on a camping trip* allows us to forego flashlights for most tasks.  I love its unchanging reliability in its changes.   In reality, it takes up such a small part of the sky, but our eyes are drawn to it as though it’s the only thing up there.

The moon is present with us always. It was there thousands of years before we were born.  It was there millions of years before humans existed.  It will be there for millions of years to come.  And yet it is so well timed to the passing of our lives.  No wonder the ancients tied the moon to deity.

*My all time favorite weekend snowshoeing/camping trip was during winter with 2 feet of pristine snow on the ground… and a full moon.  The night was breathtakingly beautiful.




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