Day 18-Doctor

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I have never been a fan of going to the doctor.  Yep, it’s important.  Yep, if they catch a problem early, it will be better in the long run.

But… and if you are someone like me that struggles with weight, you will know this… a trip to the doctor typically turns into a guilt trip about the fact that we should eat better and exercise more.  They deliver this message as though it is something we don’t know.  They hand us pamphlets and point us to websites to learn more about the risks, but none has ever actually given me any suggestions that actually did any real good.

When I shattered my shoulder, that was a different story.  I am very thankful for the talented skills of the surgeon who put me back together (Dr. Boden).  I am very thankful for the physical therapists who put me through the ringer to help me regain use of my left arm.  But here, there was a tangible goal.  There was something to be fixed.  That’s different.

So when I get a bump or bruise or headache or rash (or cut my thumb with a chainsaw), I’m not inclined to go see a doctor… I head upstairs to the linen closet with our medical supplies.

What do you think?