Lord Baden-Powell on Friendliness

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199. Boys are usually loyal friends to each other, and thus friendliness comes almost naturally to a boy. It is the one duty that he understands.

200. A man who has no friends is the man who gives out no friendship.

201. Friendship is like a boomerang: you give out your friendship to another chap and then to more and more and they give you their friendship in return.  So your original friendship and goodwill, as it goes to others, increases in strength and brings back this good will to you in return, just as the boomerang comes back to its thrower.

202. If you have no fear of the people you meet and no dislike for them, they will likewise not be afraid or suspicious of you and will be inclined to like you and to be friends.


Baden-Powell of Gilwell, Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell – Mario Sica – Nuova Fiordaliso – 2002

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