Lord Baden-Powell on Broad-Mindedness

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27. Board-mindedness is a quality which cannot be imparted, except by those who possess it themselves.

28. Don’t expect to find any man perfect: he is bound to have defects.  Any ass can see the bad points in a man.  The thing is to discover his good points and keep those uppermost in your mind so that they gradually obliterate his bad ones.

29. If I can suggest a saying to help the Scouters in our work, I should say: “Look side, and smile.” Look wide, and even when you think you are looking wide, look wider still!

30.  As Scouts, it is our business to find out the other fellow point of view before we actually press our own.  We want a great, broad-minded outlook in every direction.

31. Always try to see the other fellow’s point of view before you argue or quarrel with him, and ninety-nine times out of a hundred you’ll end up on friendly terms with him.


Baden-Powell of Gilwell, Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell – Mario Sica – Nuova Fiordaliso – 2002

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