Lent – Kindness

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Kindness.  Really?   How do you photograph kindness.  If you’re lucky, you might be in the right place and time to capture that photojournalistic image of someone doing a random act of kindness.   But as a daily assignment, this is a rather daunting task.  I could have staged something, but that would be rather self-serving rather than a true act of kindness.

So, I’m going to break another of my initial rules and take a photo that is a bit of a stretch in meeting the theme.

It matters not if you are a dog person or a cat purr-son (or a ferret person or a guinea pig person…),  it seems a rather universal truth that people who choose to share their homes with a pet tend to be kind people.  Yes, we hear the occasional horror story of people abusing their pets, but this seems to be a tiny minority (thus the disgust and outrage when we hear about it).  People who are willing to open their hearts to a creature that does very little to contribute to the household workload or finances, who value  companionship for simply the sake of the companionship, are more likely to extend the same kindness to other people as well.

(Please note that I did not say that people who don’t live with pets are not kind…)

What do you think?