Lent – Stations

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Chose to go literal today.

When I was growing up in the Lutheran church, it seemed to me that we defined ourselves not so much by Lutheran doctrine (“grace alone”) as by “We’re not Catholic.”   Anything that smelled of the Roman church was to be avoided.   There was no crossing of ourselves (too Catholic).  There was never incense (way too Catholic).   Stations of the Cross?   Forget about it.

At Christ the Servant Lutheran, we embrace the age-old tradition of the church.  Every night of Holy Week there is a special service.

  • Monday: Way of the Cross
  • Tuesday: Tennebrae
  • Spy Wednesday
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Saturday: Easter Vigil

And throughout the entire season of lent, we display painting depicting the Station of the Cross around the sanctuary.  Sometimes it’s good to grow beyond what we were taught as kids.


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