Advent Truth

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When it comes to Montgomery County swimming (both MCSL and HS athletics), the results of any given event is held in the hands of 18 individuals (3 per lane).

It does not matter what everyone else (including the ref and the trained officials) sees as the finish order.  These 18 untrained volunteers literally hold truth in the palm of their hands for the couple hours.   And everyone else must accept that fact.

There are times in “real life” as well that we must concede that despite what we see—what we “know” is true—others may have a different, potentially more decisive hold on truth that we do (or are allowed to have).

50% photo credit goes to Anna Mayer.  I took the photo of the stopwatch.  She took the photo of the timers (as a stroke and turn official, it would not have been appropriate for me to take pictures at the meet) per my request and composition.

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