Advent Disturb

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This was supposed to be an easy photo day.  But, as I was setting up my shot at the baptismal font with someone posed to introduce a disturbance by tapping the surface of the water, I overheard, “seems like everyone is taking that shot today.”

I couldn’t knowingly take the same shot someone else did.  So, I put on my jacket and headed down toward the pond to get my shot there instead.  I didn’t need to go that far…

Only 20′ from the door, I came across a trash can that was being carefully guarded by a full circle of carelessly discarded cups, boxes, and wrappers.   Their prior owners had tried.  They had gotten so close to properly discarding their refuse.  But in the end, taking the time to actually see to it that the items made it to their target turned out to be too big a task.

What should have been a pristine view of the facing mountainside was disturbed by carelessly discarded human-sign.

(Footnote:  I did pick up all the trash after taking the photo and put it into the trash can.)

2 thoughts on “Advent Disturb

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