Monday Musings: 40 Photos Part 2

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IMG_5926A few weeks ago I wrote about a Lenten photo-a-day challenge that I was in the middle of.  Or I thought I was in the middle of…but the someone who made up the challenge didn’t know to actually stop at 40 and went to 46.  At times it seemed like the last day was creeping further ahead.  I did manage to get each day covered, though there were one or two days when the computer was down for an upgrade so I had to wait to actually post the pictures…but I did take them on the proper days.  I did hit a wall one day, “beloved”, when I couldn’t come up with something original, so I put off that photo till the next day.

The second half of the list posed the same challenges for me as the first half.  Of the entire list, the hardest word to cover was “help”.  Hands were the obvious image…but I didn’t want obvious.  And I didn’t want to put it off to the next day.  So I kinda cheated.  I created a word cloud using some online tool, printed it and took a photo of the printed paper.

The funniest word/picture combination was probably “restore”.  That day we had taken the German relatives on a 7 mile hike with enough elevation changes to make it a workout after the winter.  That evening my thighs were very sore and I was pretty sure my legs would be stiff in the morning.  So I came up with a pretty obvious way to restore my muscles…bath salts and muscle cream.  The “go” photo was also a good one for a chuckle.

My favorites from the second “half” would have to be “silence”…you can almost hear the silence in that image; and also “surround” because it’s rare to get a teenage son to cooperate when a camera is aimed his way.  He’s pictured in the orchestra pit for the spring musical surrounded by friends, doing something he loves.

So Saturday, before the Easter Vigil, I happily posted the “last” image and thought to myself “Yes, I’m done.”

And then on Sunday morning a friend was telling me how much she had enjoyed my photos (I posted them daily to Facebook) and would I keep going?  To be honest, I had looked a while back, sometime in the first half of the list; to see if I could find more challenge lists.  So after taking and posting a very apropos photo for Easter day, I went back and selected a new list.  This one is from one blog of many with monthly lists.  So yes, I will keep going with my daily pictures, but I can’t promise I will make it through a full year…I’ll just go one month at a time.


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